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Enterprise Visibility – ENVI™ 

As an established leader in technology solutions for ambulatory surgery centers, long term care facilities, physician clinics and a host of other providers, Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) pulled from experience gained implementing its materials management systems at more than 4,500 sites nation-wide to develop its latest innovation, ENVI.

With greater power and flexibility, and the ability to integrate with a broader range of financial and clinical systems than ever before, ENVI’s unprecedented suite of features marks a bold new phase in the IOS mission to bring you healthcare’s smarter supply chain.

 A fully featured MMIS

As a complete materials management information system (MMIS), ENVI brings improvements to every step of the procurement process from usage tracking to invoice approval while adding value to your existing systems through customized interfaces.  ENVI’s broad range of capabilities can be explored in greater detail by selecting any of the links on the left side of this web page.

Key Features include:

  • Supports multi-Organization Entities
  • Multiple Facility Locations
  • Multiple Inventory Masters
  • Marketplace Catalog Support
  • Unlimited Inventory Locations
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving
  • Accounts Payable (Three-way Match)
  • Electronic Invoices
  • Par Cart Management
  • Online Help/Videos
  • Consignment Tracking
  • Implant Tracking
  • Lot/Serial/Expiration Date Support
  • EDI Engine
  • Built-in Interface Engine
  • Vendor Punch-out Support
  • GS1 Support
  • Department Usage
  • Patient Usage
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Multiple Product Descriptions
  • Auto-Replenishment
  • Barcode Processing
  • Email Alert Notifications
  • Inventory Upload Utility
  • Web Based Requisitioning
  • Approval Workflow
  • Role Based Security
  • User Notification Dashboard
  • Data Extraction Utility
  • Create/Save/Schedule Reports
  • Tablet / Phone Apps


ENVI Brochure

ENVI Brochure