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Enterprise Capabilities

ENVI Multi-Location Value/Impact

Effective supply chain management can be complicated and time consuming even when it impacts just one facility.  Managing two, ten or a hundred is a massive undertaking.  Built from the ground-up to meet the demands of multi-location organizations, ENVI has the power and scalability to handle the needs of your entire enterprise.

With ENVI as the backbone of your purchasing and inventory control infrastructure, every PO and product can be overseen from a single, unified platform.  Whether your priority is visibility into a complex operation with a diversity of trade classes and vendor relationships or driving rigorous standardization around your approved portfolio of items, ENVI’s robust suite of features and functions will help you achieve a wide range of supply chain successes, such as:

  • Reducing on-hand inventory and minimizing potential outdates with increased visibility into stocking locations.
  • Driving contract compliance and standardization of your product formulary with an enterprise-wide item and vendor master.
  • Saving time and labor costs with automated processes and barcode scanner integration.

The supply chain challenges posed by large organizations require a technology solution that simultaneously empowers management with broad reach while presenting end-users with workflows that are effective and easy to master.  ENVI accomplishes these disparate goals through an integrated approach that puts all purchasing and inventory control functions, as well as several accounts payable processes into one streamlined package.  What’s more, ENVI can support a variety of business types all under the same umbrella.  Manage multiple clinics, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and a hospital from one application with a global view of your entire operation.

Key benefits of enterprise ENVI implementations can be rolled up into three main areas of impact:

  1. Control
    • Right-size inventory and reduce overstock with par level management and stock transfers between locations.
  2. Efficiency
    • Streamline processes with a single portal for managing all products and vendors across your entire organization.
    • Eliminate paper with electronic PO transmission, receiving and invoice approval.
  3. Visibility
    • View real-time inventory levels and transactional information from all connected facilities.
    • Access ENVI’s powerful suite of features and functions from any web-connected computer or device no matter where you’re located.
    • Leverage ENVI’s customizable reporting engine and data-extraction capabilities to drive your business intelligence and analytics objectives.