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Inventory Management

ENVI Inventory Management

Just as the diversity of medical specialties has never been broader, so to is the variety of tools available to healthcare providers for meeting the needs of patients.  An ever accelerating movement toward single-use disposables, the need for a product to meet every price point, fierce competition for differentiation between manufacturers – all of these influences and more mean overflowing shelves and bursting drawers at clinics, ASCs and hospitals across the country.

With mounting pressure to cut costs and boost margins, it’s never been more important to right size inventories, manage product formularies and leverage actionable business intelligence to identify and seize on savings opportunities.

Along with its streamlined purchasing processes, ENVI’s powerful suite of inventory management tools form the backbone of the most effective supply chain technology available. Take advantage of ENVI’s industry-leading inventory management features to:

  • Right-size Inventory.  ENVI puts the power of par levels in your hands, letting you set predetermined minimums and maximums for every stock item and adjust them as needed based on a wealth of purchasing and supply usage data.  Simultaneously eliminate overstock and stock outs.
  • Boost Turn Rate Dead stock and outdates can be the anchor holding back your supply chain success.  ENVI’s lot and expiration tracking, along with traceable stock transfers between multiple inventory locations, insures you have the right product in the right place at the right time.
  • Automate for Efficiency ENVI’s perpetual inventory process forms a seamless workflow, intuitively moving from one key stage to the next.  The resulting cycle creates a perfect balance between utilization and replenishment.

ENVI allows you to:

  1. Track Product Usage – As staff go about their work, the supplies they use can be captured in a variety of ways, from scanning products out of inventory to filling requisitions. ENVI tracks these transactions and reduces on-hand quantities accordingly.
  2. Create Purchase Orders – Eventually, replenishment of diminishing stock is needed. ENVI’s intelligent Auto PO function can compare current inventory to predetermined par levels and generate suggested purchase orders to restore products to their maximum levels, saving time and reducing the potential for over or under ordering.
  3. Receive Orders – As vendor shipments arrive, ENVI is informed with a few quick clicks and adds the appropriate quantities of incoming products back into inventory, increasing the stock level back above the minimum order point.
  4. Put Away Products – Once ENVI has been updated with the proper receiving data, items can be placed on shelves, in drawers and cabinets, or anywhere inventory is kept. The newly replenished supplies are now ready for use and the cycle repeats.

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs, Scalability to Match Your Scope

Effective inventory management means targeting the proper goals with the right resources.  ENVI was designed with a wide range of potential uses in mind and comes complete with the tools necessary to manage an organization of any size or business need.

  • View and manage inventory levels across unlimited stocking locations
  • Monitor department-specific supply expenses across any time frame
  • Track expiration dates as well as lot and serial numbers for individual products
  • Analyze case costing data by tying product usage to physicians and procedure types
  • Tie billable product use to patient accounts to insure accurate reimbursement
  • Work with your preferred inventory valuation method: FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, Last Cost, or Standard Cost.