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Invoice Matching

ENVI Invoice Matching Process

Manually processing inbound invoices is a tedious, time-consuming task.  Every line has to be checked against a packing slip to be sure it arrived in the right quantity and then again against a purchase order in case a change in price sneaked in.  All this just to be sure you dont end up paying for something you didn’t order or never got.

ENVI allows you make significant improvements to your process through automation:

    • Electronic 3-way document match (PO, receiver, invoice)
    • Price and quantity validation
    • Prepopulated GL codes
    • Discrepancy resolution tools
    • Accrual reports for received items
    • Access to early pay discounts

Taking the Pain out of Paying the Bills

With ENVI’s integrated Accounts Payable 3-Way Match Module, the same user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow that make it a natural choice for purchasing and inventory control can also be put to work saving your AP team time and headaches.  Because ENVI already knows what you ordered, where it came from and how much it cost, the whole process takes just a few quick clicks.

Take a look at how ENVI draws from every stage in the procurement process to make invoice review easier than ever before:

Vendor and Item Masters

Products approved for purchase?  Check.  Contracted prices?  Check.  Proper GL account codes?  Check.  ENVI’s extensive vendor and item master data fields let you prepopulate the system with every detail to insure your orders have everything needed for an accurate 3-way match.

PO Approvals

Keep approvals where they should be: at the beginning.  With unlimited layers and a broad range of triggers and limits, ENVI routs pending POs to the right reviewers prior to release so there’s no question what was authorized when the bill arrives.


ENVI’s fast and easy receiving-by-exception process makes it quick and painless to verify that everything you order is accounted for, whether it arrives or not.  The built-in backorder tracking tool and electronic packing slips mean no more paper chasing when it comes time to make a match.

3-Way Match

Pull in the last few details and ENVI completes the 3-way match puzzle. Take advantage of EDI 810 transaction support to automatically receive electronic invoices directly in the system, or enter key details like due date and total cost to trigger a match.  If ENVI sees that you’re being over or under charged, an on-screen warning will alert you to the issue while intuitive discrepancy resolution tools let you troubleshoot the problem.


Once invoices are matched and vouchered, ENVI can even export them to your existing ERP or accounting platform, pre-populated with your GL account codes, ready to pay.