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ENVI Purchasing Overview

Healthcare providers can’t focus on their crucial work when they don’t have the supplies needed for the job.  ENVI improves the entire purchasing process from order creation to receiving and puts powerful tracking and reporting capabilities at your fingertips to insure your team always has the right products at the right time.

With tremendous flexibility, ENVI can mold around your existing workflows or repair and replace broken processes to give you the next-level purchasing platform that best meets your needs.  Whether your priorities are simply consolidating creation and transmission of purchase orders (POs) for all of your vendors into a single portal or automating your entire supply chain with par-level driven perpetual inventory management, ENVI has the right mix of user-friendly features to achieve your vision.

Most purchasing systems start with PO creation, but the fully-integrated suite of materials management modules in ENVI give you an added edge by incorporating order-entry, automated PO generation and requisitioning tools on the front-end of your process.

  • Order Entry lets end users pick products from a master item list, tailored to their specific department or location. With the click of a button, ENVI transcribes the order into vendor-facing POs, ready for transmission, based on your preferred sourcing. No more tedious manual keying of each individual PO header and no more frustration recalling what product comes from whom
  • Auto PO takes things one step further for sites taking advantage of ENVI’s ability to track item usage as it happens. When products are scanned or keyed out of inventory, ENVI tracks the exact quantity on hand and compares it to preset minimum and maximum levels. When the Auto PO function is triggered, items at or below the reorder point are automatically added to vendor-facing POs for review. Hours once spent tallying up order quantities and typing POs are reduced to mere seconds.

Of course, ENVI excels in all of the core functions you’d expect from a purchasing system as well.  Create and track credit POs, schedule standing orders for automatic release, even manage the unique requirements of consignment stock replenishment all from one powerful solution.

Buying things is always the fun part, but staying on top of orders after they’re placed is time consuming and plagued with potential problems without the intuitive tracking and receiving features in ENVI.  When your deliveries arrive, check for completeness then tick a single box to acknowledge what was received.  Instead of wasting time confirming what’s correct, only touch the lines with problems.  Backorders are now easy to identify and monitor so you can take action as needed and never lose track of what is yet to arrive.  With EDI-connected vendors you’ll already be one step ahead with 855 confirmations alerting you to product availability and price changes as POs are sent.

Effective purchasing practices aren’t just about streamlining and simplifying, though.  ENVI also boasts a comprehensive set of approval and security tools to drive compliance with your organization’s purchasing policies and guidelines.  Unlimited approval paths and levels allow you to custom tailor how pending orders are routed prior to transmission.  Set limits by vendor, location, dollar amount and more.  Customizable role assignments let you define access for broad user groups and quickly manage changes without wasting valuable time editing individual logins.