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Customize Your Reports

ENVI Reporting Capabilities

Diagnostic tools for your business decisions

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to technology for an edge in driving better patient outcomes by relying on sophisticated tools like 3D imaging and genetic testing.  Accurate information is key to making a correct diagnosis or prescribing proper treatment.  When it comes time to manage the health of the business, though, many organizations lack the level of granular visibility needed to make effective decisions about supply spend.

Starting with a clear understanding that every business has different information needs, ENVI was built with one of the most flexible reporting and data extraction utilities available.

A department manager in need of a month-end expense report.  A buyer reviewing backordered supplies.  A nursing coordinator comparing case costs between multiple surgeons.  No matter what the purpose, ENVI has the tools you need to dive deep into a vast repository of purchasing and inventory data that will transform the way you do business.

Reporting Engine

ENVI includes a robust selection of pre-designed reports that provide instant access to the most crucial data needed to stay apprised of your supply chain status.  Among the dozens to choose from are:

  • Current inventory valuation
  • Inventory activity and product usage
  • Purchasing history by vendor, location, item and more
  • Backorder report
  • Receiving accrual log
  • And many more…

These basic reports are only the beginning.  With complete control over a vast array of customizable options, ENVI lets you build on an already strong reporting foundation to create a unique and powerful business intelligence arsenal, tailored to your specific needs.  Set filters and ranges, add or remove columns for specific data elements, group results by your chosen criteria.  ENVI even lets you save your creations for later use and share them with colleagues across your organization.

Data Extraction Utility

Sometimes the need for an unfiltered, all-encompassing view of information makes tidy, neatly- formatted reports a less efficient solution.  To meet the needs of power users and organizations desiring a raw data feed for advanced analysis or use in external BI tools, ENVI also offers a data extraction utility.  Files can be saved in a number of delimited formats, enabling compatibility with virtually any database or spreadsheet application.  The possibilities enabled by such a level of control and flexibility are virtually limitless.