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Supplier Connectivity (EDI)

ENVI Supplier Connectivity

A message is only as good as its messenger.  With the advanced supplier connectivity capabilities of the ENVI materials management information system, crucial communication with vendors, like purchase orders and confirmations, can now happen faster and with greater accuracy and security than ever before. A range of technology innovations, pre-integrated within the ENVI application, empower you with the tools needed to effectively interface with your entire portfolio of business partners, no matter how sophisticated or rudimentary their operations may be.

Built-in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Hub

Many supply chain management technologies rely solely on third-party EDI processors to convert outbound transmissions into understandable instructions for vendors.  While ENVI is also capable of working with these established services, our development team has taken one step further – building a proprietary EDI hub to enable even deeper integration with your suppliers while driving down the cost of leveraging the tremendous benefits of this technology using the following transaction sets:

  • EDI 850 Purchase Order – Transmit POs directly into vendors’ order fulfillment systems, bypassing time-consuming and error-prone phone calls and free your buyer or purchasing team to focus on high value tasks like inventory right sizing and contract analysis.
  • EDI 855 PO Acknowledgement – Fast, electronic order confirmations, complete with backorder information, price-change notifications and error reports, are delivered directly into ENVI by your vendors so you can proactively address sourcing issues and regain peace of mind that the crucial supplies you and your team need are on their way.
  • EDI 856 Vendor Advance Shipment Notification– Know what products are being shipped and when products are scheduled to arrive.   Also see tracking numbers and signatures of receipts when available.   ENVI also has the capability to auto-receive against these advance shipment notifications.
  • EDI 810 Electronic Invoice – Put your tedious, manual AP-match process to rest and eliminate the mountains of paper bills filling your mailbox with inbound electronic vendor invoices that automatically pair with your existing PO information within ENVI to make discrepancy resolution and vouchering a breeze.
  • EDI 832 Electronic Catalogs – Automatically receive vendor price / contract updates electronically.  ENVI will track these cost changes and notify users so new pricing can either be accepted or rejected by an authorized user.

Vendor Punch-out – Sometimes ordering a brand new item or a product you need just once or twice a year is easier done through a vendor’s website.  ENVI’s vendor punch-out utility ensures you stay consistent with your purchasing processes by initiating all purchase orders through ENVI and allowing direct access from ENVI to the vendor website for finding those specific products.  These products are then “pulled” back into ENVI and added as a new line item on your purchase order.   Add flexibility to the way you can order, while at the same time maintaining the process, tracking and reporting benefits of ENVI, like:

  • Purchase order number assignment
  • Multi-level approval routing
  • Single-source visibility into all purchasing activity
  • Receiving and backorder management
  • Aggregated spend and inventory reports
  • Inclusion of web-based orders into electronic AP-match process

Integrated E-fax and Email Transmission – Not every supplier can leverage advanced technologies like EDI and punch-out, that’s why ENVI was designed with tools to improve and simplify the way you communicate with vendors of all sizes and capabilities. Transmit fax and email orders directly from the ENVI application without ever touching a fax machine or fiddling with file attachments.  Customizable cover sheets, multiple destination addresses and dozens of configurable data fields like payment terms and delivery method give vendors all the important details about your order while on-screen transmission confirmations gives you the peace of mind that you know your order has been received.