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Clinical / Financial Integration

ENVI Clinical and Financial Integration

Healthcare providers rely on a range of highly specialized technologies to address a variety of business needs.  Clinical information systems (CIS) insure efficient operational workflows with scheduling, charting and revenue cycle management tools.  Financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications handle many back office functions vital to sustained profitability.

The ENVI supply chain solution has been developed with similar degree of focus, but with the purpose of building a best-of-breed inventory control and purchasing platform.  ENVI not only offers all the benefits of a dedicated materials management information system (MMIS), but also supercharges the capabilities of your clinical information and financial management programs through a sophisticated interface engine.

By leveraging the strengths of your existing technology investments, ENVI enables you to achieve a truly integrated supply chain solution while maximizing the value and capabilities of the connected systems.

Clinical information system integration

ENVI is not a replacement for your CIS, but rather a powerful companion application that helps streamline purchasing and inventory control processes by taking in, managing and passing along key data.

Because CIS offerings are as diverse as the practices and specialties they support, ENVI has been engineered to work with a range of existing programs, including such popular platforms as:

  • AdvantX
  • Athenahealth
  • Amkai
  • Cerner
  • EPIC
  • GE Centricity
  • HST Pathways
  • SIS
  • Vision

Stream item/price data from ENVI into clinical information systems

  • Insure accurate case costing analysis with current cost of goods
  • Populate preference cards with more accurate and complete information

Perpetual inventory depletion (HST Pathways)

  • Pass item decrements from HST to ENVI for real-time tracking of inventory levels as they are impacted by clinical end-users

Financial management system integration

ENVI already offers ultra-efficient invoice processing via its available AP three-way match module (learn more), leveraging warehoused vendor, purchase order and receiving data to quickly review and approve incoming invoices.  The time savings from this intuitive workflow are already astounding, but with ENVI’s integration capabilities the efficiencies don’t stop there.

By pre-loading expense and asset codes from your organization’s chart of accounts, invoice and departmental expense data tracked in ENVI contains all of the necessary elements to pass seamlessly into your financial management system.

Formatted tables containing all required fields are custom engineered for your specific needs, enabling batches of approved invoices to your accounts payable platform, pre-coded, approved and ready to pay saving countless hours of rekeying.  Furthermore, usage transactions documenting when and where supplies are expensed can be aggregated and exported from ENVI for use in creating general ledger entries.

ENVI has been successfully interfaced with a multitude of financial systems like QuickBooks, Sage 50 and 100, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, Lawson, and Oracle to name just a few.

Clinical Integration Brochure                     Financial Integration Brochure

Clinical Integration Brochure                                          Financial Integration Brochure